John ziegler dating

John ziegler dating

Framing John Ziegler has been at the forefront of the conversation since the beginning.We caught up with John again this year to see what he’s saying these days and to get an update on his old fling Christine Brennan.Note: The name of Victim 2 has been removed from the responses in two places to conform with the policy of not identifying victims of sexual assault, in this case, post conviction. Onward State: It’s been more than a year since we last spoke.What is the biggest “revelation” or piece of evidence to come out of the Sandusky mess during the game?If that happened and Aaron projected that abuse onto Jerry, then the whole case literally falls apart.If that didn’t happen, it is one of the most remarkable coincidences of all time.

They wrongly think they already know what happened in this case and therefore stopped putting the data points together the moment that Louis Freeh stepped off his podium to the cheers from local trial lawyers. Framing an interview with a former close friend of Aaron Fisher (Victim 1) and his father who both contradict key parts of Fisher’s story and don’t believe he told the truth about Jerry Sandusky.

No one, and I mean no one, EVER answers that question because there is simply no good response, especially now that Aaron Fisher’s story is so suspect.

There are two other ways I would like for people to think about your question.

Of course this reality should be the first sign, at least to a thinking person, that something here is very wrong.

Onward State: A lot of people say that if there was only one person coming forward claiming abuse they would be more inclined to agree with you on that point.

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I presumed at the start that Jerry Sandusky was guilty because everyone said that he was. Everyone who told me he was guilty (people like Jim Clemente and Scott Paterno) I presumed were telling me the truth, but I learned from personal experience that they were obvious frauds.

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