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Davis station firmware supplies two windspeeds, a 3-second average and a 10-minute average (later versions of the firmware also supply a 2-minute average, Cumulus currently doesn't use this).

Note that if you sample these readings at shorter (real time) intervals it is possible for Cumulus 'Latest' to be lower than Cumulus 'Average' because approximately half of the 3-second wind speeds will be higher and half of them lower than the 10-minute average.

The installer will always upgrade the following files (replacing them, ignoring existing versions): There may be extra files automatically upgraded by particular builds - see announcement.

This answer describes a way to see the same information for the month (or year) that fairly recently ended.f=4&t=10118 A converter for Weather Link log files is available from this thread in the forum: f=6&t=11349 View menu, This month or This year screens show some figures for any month or year selected by you, but do not show all the figures shown on a standard web page or as shown on the Highs and Lows screen for the current month/year.Some of the rain figures may be odd for a while (e.g. Cumulus will continue to work with your existing weather station and existing log files, providing This article in the wiki gives more details above moving Cumulus: Moving cumulus These are detailed in the Log Files section of this Wiki and also in the Cumulus help file, in the section “Data log file format” The Configuration menu, Station setting screen (near bottom) has option to enter there the rainfall total for the bit of the year (starting month can be selected here too) until when you first start using Cumulus.See the Cumulus Help for this screen for further details.

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If the Cumulus figure seems lower than the Davis figure see #My_Davis_station_shows_a_higher_maximum_wind_speed_than_Cumulus.

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