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Updating wii shop channel

Courtesy of WNI (in North America), the Forecast Channel allows Wii users to view the current and upcoming weather in their area, as well as areas around the world with an interactive, 3D globe.After clicking on the Channel's icon, the user can see the current temperature and conditions of his or her area, as well as the last time this information was updated.This Channel is home to Virtual Console and Wii Ware.This Channel requires an Internet connection to use.Currently available in the Wii Channels section of Wii Shop Channel for free (originally 500 Wii Points), the Internet Channel allows users to browse the Internet with the Wii Remote and a USB keyboard.The Channel was developed by Opera and Nintendo, and it is a variant of the Opera 9 browser designed specifically for Wii.

New Channels are generally available for download on the Wii Shop Channel.

Originally announced in a press conference on September 16, 2006, the Wii Channel Menu is the Wii's Operating System; this menu is what all Wii users see after passing the unit's "Health & Safety" screen upon start-up.

The Wii Channel Menu was created with the idea of TV channels in mind; each feature/application of Wii, known as a Channel, is stored in a Channel slot on the Wii Menu that features an animated icon.

In addition, messages or memos on a user's Wii Message Board that contain links to web-pages can be opened with the Internet Channel by clicking on the link contained in the message (which will be colored blue if typed correctly).

Currently available in the Wii Ware section of the Wii Shop Channel for free, the Everybody Votes Channel utilizes the Mii caricatures created in the Mii Channel to allow users to vote in and predict the results of several two-response National and Worldwide polls, register and view voting history for up to six Miis, view poll results by gender and territory, and suggest poll questions and responses that may or may not be used by Nintendo in the future.

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